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We are procuring the top Pitmasters and BBQ brands from around the world and bringing an exclusive experience to the people that support us the most; our BBQ Fanatics.

PitCo Membership


Skip the Line at your favorite BBQ spots

Attend special "Meat and Greets" at BBQ events

Discounts at the Merch Store and access to exclusive merch

Unique signature BBQ sauces and rubs from your favorite Pitmasters in the store

Concierge service to help you line up hard to get catering from top pitmasters

Discounts on major brands that top Pitmasters use every day

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Our Community


Everyone loves good BBQ but this community is for the super fans that LOVE GREAT BBQ. We are here for the people who go on road trips for brisket, for the people who know just how much the rib meat should stick to the bone, for the people who have a playlist labeled "Grillin n chilin". If you LOVE BBQ this club is for you

Great Benefits


New benefits added regularly! Members will get access to cut the line at some the nations busiest BBQ hot spots, access to exclusive merch, Meat and Greets and BBQ events and access to a Concierge to help organize private events.

MEAT And Greets
AT BBQ events

access to hard to find
and exclusive merch

Skip the line
at some the busiest bbq spots

BBQ Concierge
Get help planning your next event

Frequently Asked Questions

How many memberships are available?

We will see 2,000 PitCo passes become available in the initial offering.

What events do you plan on being at?

We plan on attending numerous events through out the country in 2023 and for years to come. Stay tuned for more details.

Who created the art for the PitCo pass?

The art was created by our very own creative director, one Mr. Curtis Hale

Can I resell/transfer/gift my membership?

Your membership will be tracked using blockchain technology so it will always be possible for you to transfer or sale it privately or on the open market.

How do I set up a wallet and recieve my membership?

Check out the instructions on this page for more information.

How long will PitCo Passes be available for?

The initial sell of PitCo passes are first come first serve with a limited quantity of 2,000 available. Once they are all sold, they are all sold.